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Monico Hernandez

Born in Marietta GA, currently living in Powder Springs, GA. I have been married for 6 years and have 1 little girl. Going for 5 more kids but in one time (quintuplets). What I enjoy most working in construction, is being apart of something great and bringing quality into people’s projects. Favorite thing to do on an off day is hangout with Micah and Heather.

Monico's Customer Reviews

  • Brad Weissman

    The project with CB was a true partnership / relationship and did not feel like a transaction.

    "Clark Brothers [CB] was one of six outfits that we called / solicited quotes from for a project that initially started out small; replacement of gutters and downspouts, but quickly grew in scope. We found CB pricing to be congruent with all of the vendors, but ultimately decided to work with CB given (A) their willingness to explain the extent of the work to be performed and (B) we felt most comfortable working with our primary contact; Scott Steffens who was with us throughout all facets of the project. As mentioned the project quickly grew in scope; partially by design and partially out of necessity given underlying issues that were uncovered once the work began. Throughout all aspects of the work we were kept informed via a wide variety of methods; text, photos, video. This was especially critical as the Property Manager for the project was 1100 Miles away. The project lasted approximately 2.5 months from start to final payment and throughout the whole process; Scott Steffens and Monico Hernandez were accessible and a pleasure to deal with. It is also worth mentioning, the CB personnel on site each day were always very cordial and friendly. The project with CB was a true partnership / relationship and did not feel like a transaction; they were receptive to our questions and wanted to ensure we had a full understanding of the scope of the work. Clark Brothers [CB] should be given every consideration for your next project. Thank You."

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