Case Study: Arrive Roswell

Clark Brothers completed a major roofing project at Arrive Roswell Apartments, replacing shingles and gutters across 13 buildings, showcasing expert planning and execution.


Apartment Roof Replacement (+ Gutters)

Project Size: 100,000 sqft

Rough Estimate: $400,000

Customer Review

"Thank you. You killed it. You will be the first number I call. I appreciate the hard work."

Project Area


Clark Brothers Roofing & Construction was commissioned to replace the existing roof of an apartment complex, the Arrive Roswell Apartments, a 13-building apartment complex located in a suburban area. The project encompassed the replacement of shingle roofs and gutters across all buildings within the complex.

Challenges Faced

  1. Scope Complexity: The complex encompassed various building designs and sizes, requiring meticulous planning and tailored solutions for each structure.
  2. Logistical Coordination: Coordinating materials, equipment, and workforce across different buildings while ensuring minimal disruption to residents’ daily lives was a considerable logistical challenge.
  3. Weather Sensitivity: Adverse weather conditions posed a potential setback, requiring flexible scheduling to ensure progress without compromising quality.


  1. Thorough Assessment: Clark Brothers conducted an in-depth inspection of the entire complex to evaluate the current roof conditions, identifying access areas for material deliveries and potential safety concerns during tear-off.
  2. Customized Solutions: Tailored roofing solutions were designed for each building, considering the specific architectural nuances and structural requirements.
  3. Material Selection: CertainTeed Landmark – Charcoal black shingles and durable gutter systems were chosen to ensure longevity and enhanced protection against weather elements.
  4. Project Phasing: The project was divided into phases to streamline the workflow and minimize disruption to residents. Buildings were prioritized based on urgency and roof condition severity.


  1. Preparation Phase: Clark Brothers organized a detailed project plan, acquiring necessary permits and materials in advance to avoid delays. Safety protocols were established to guarantee a secure working environment.
  2. Shingle Replacement: The team efficiently removed the old shingles, performed necessary repairs to the roof deck, and meticulously installed new shingles, ensuring precision and durability.
  3. Gutter Replacement: Concurrently, the gutter replacement phase commenced. Old gutters were removed and replaced with upgraded systems to improve water drainage and protect the buildings from potential water damage.
  4. Quality Control: Regular inspections were conducted throughout the project to maintain quality standards, ensuring the installed roofs and gutters met industry and client-specific requirements.
  5. Client Communication: Transparent and consistent communication was upheld with the apartment management to keep them informed about the project’s progress and any potential changes in scheduling.


  1. Timely Completion: Despite encountering minor weather-related delays, the project was completed within the projected timeline, minimizing inconvenience to residents. Overall from start to finish the project took 15 working days.
  2. Enhanced Durability: The newly installed shingles and gutter systems significantly improved the complex’s structural integrity, providing enhanced protection against harsh weather conditions.
  3. Satisfied Client: Arrive Roswell management expressed satisfaction with the quality of workmanship, professionalism, and minimal disruption caused during the project execution.
  4. Long-Term Relationship: Clark Brothers Roofing established a strong rapport with the client, potentially paving the way for future collaborations or referrals within the property management industry. Since this work has been done, Clark Brothers has been commissioned to complete roof repairs and replacements for the client all across the East Coast.


The successful completion of the Arrive Roswell roofing project highlighted Clark Brothers’ expertise in handling complex commercial endeavors. Through meticulous planning, tailored solutions, and efficient execution, the company not only met but exceeded client expectations, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and proficient roofing service provider within the region.

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