Clark Brothers Roofing & Construction Company at Roswell House

Financing Options

We have partnered with GoodLeap to offer flexible payment options for your project. GoodLeap uses a soft credit check until funding and the highest score from all 3 bureaus to see if you qualify. It also takes just a few minutes to get started.

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These numbers were last updated on September 8th, 2023. Use the Get Started link above to see the rates you qualify for and the latest terms.

Goodleap Financing Options

Loan amounts $3,000 min - $55,000 max (up to $100,000 on a case by case basis)

  • Soft credit pull until funds are released to CB when the job is complete.
  • Loans are structured as simple interest loans, with interest accruing daily.
  • First payment is not due until 60 days after funds are released.
  • No penalty for early pay out. After requesting early payout, 10 days to make the payment.
  • Early payments are principal only.
  • The standard installment loans can essentially be no payment, no interest for 60 days if early payout is requested, then 10 days to pay.
  • Pay down principal at any time and reamortize. Can also choose a different loan.
  • Change orders can be added to the loans.
  • A homeowner must be on the loan, co-borrower can be anyone in the US.

**Please carefully read the loan application to confirm the effective terms and conditions upon signing.**

  • No payment and no interest if paid in full during 3-6 month intro

    10 Year Term

    15.49%Interest Rate
  • Standard installment

    5 to 15-Year Term Options

    12.99%Interest Rate