24/7 Emergency Inspections

If a tree falls on your house or the elements cause damage, don’t hesitate to call so we can come out and formulate both a temporary and long-term solution.

Insurance Claim Assistance from Roof Storm Damage

Supporting you amidst the unknown and the unexpected

We help with roof tarping and insurance assistance when you need it most

When the unexpected strikes, call us. We monitor our emergency assistance line 24/7, and will return your call within an hour. With Clark Brothers, you are never alone.

If you are in a life-threatening situation, please dial 911.
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Act Fast! Get a Reliable Emergency Roof Inspection Today

Don’t wait for your roofing issues to worsen – contact us now for a prompt and dependable emergency roof inspection! Our seasoned team of professionals is available to evaluate the condition of your property’s covering, so you can be sure that any existing problems will not only be accurately identified but also quickly resolved.

Time is of the essence to avoid any additional harm and guarantee the safeguarding of your home or business. Our team will be there in no time, ready with all the necessary tools for a complete examination and identification of any issues that may exist within your roof’s construction, materials, or installation. We use modern technology and methods to give an exact diagnosis as well as suggest solutions that are sure to bring back integrity into your rooftop.

Safeguard Your Property With Us

Don’t leave your home or office property to chance! Our emergency roof inspection services provide competitive prices and flexible timetables to match any situation, whether residential or commercial. Let us handle the work for you – our prompt and dependable service can help keep your structure safe from harm. Contact us now for a cost-effective solution that will put you at ease!

To book your emergency roof inspection, call us now at 678-929-7072 or fill out our online emergency form. We’ll get back to you promptly to schedule a convenient time for your inspection.

Common Roof Issues

> Wet spots on ceiling – If you are seeing brown spots on your ceiling, or if water is dripping into your home from the ceiling, it could be a problem with your roof or roof ventilation. Because it could be from many possibilities, it is best to have a professional roofing contractor inspect the roof.

> Damaged flashing – Flashing that is damaged could cause leaking. Causes for damaged flashing often range from improper installation to corrosion of existing flashing. If your flashing appears damaged, contact us for an in-depth roof inspection.

> Missing Shingles — Shingles can become dislodged or missing due to storms or wind damage. See shingles either out of place or missing on your roof? Give us a call for a no-cost inspection.