Our Company

We are a veteran and family-owned business dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality roofing and exterior construction services.

Clark Brothers Company

Who We Are

A Mission for Excellence

In a sea of sameness, we strive to stand out. And we do. The purpose behind our work and the standards by which we operate drive us to deliver honorable service and long-lasting customer relationships.

Clark Brothers Company

Origin Story

The Clark Brothers History

From a young age the Clark brothers were go-getters and entrepreneurs, guided by strong family values. Growing up with ten siblings, they truly understood the importance of family over self. With a tireless work ethic, they quickly started working various landscaping and handy-man projects in the community.

After high school, Micah Clark (the founder of Clark Brothers) and two of his brothers deployed to Afghanistan, where the veteran mentality stood strong during combat operations. Upon their return, Micah attended Auburn University and earned his degree from Harbert College of Business. He then returned to Metro Atlanta and ventured into real estate with some of his brothers, starting Clark Brothers Realty. This is where the correlation between a well-maintained home and its property value became evident.

Micah soon realized his passion wasn’t found in selling homes, but in helping people protect and build their homes. United by this shared vision, the Clark brothers founded Clark Brothers Roofing and Construction. They committed to using high-quality products they could stake their reputation on and to bringing honor back into business with every project completed.

Micah Clark in Afghanistan 2009
Clark Brothers Roofing & Exterior team truck
Clark Brothers Roofing & Exteriors Team Playing Cornhole

Working toward tomorrow

Building a Stronger Community

Our mission is to serve our community by enhancing residential and commercial properties, increasing property values, and creating opportunities for those around us. We invest in local schools and businesses, not only through financial contributions but also by showing the next generation the reward found in hard work and serving others.

The Why Behind Our Mission

Our Family DNA

Family mentality. At Clark Brothers, being family doesn’t stop at our bloodline, it’s about having a team of people that are all dedicated to the same code of conduct: do the right thing, serve honorably, and give it your all. From the first call to the final touch, we stand together as family to enhance your property.

Veteran perspective. Our commitment to safeguarding your property is deeply rooted in our identity as veterans. Our collective experiences have profoundly shaped our approach and instilled in us a strong dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to building a company with like-minded persons.

When you hire Clark Brothers, you're not just receiving a service—you're receiving a commitment forged in the fire of service.

Standards We Live By

Our Core Values

Honorable Service
We prioritize our customers’ interests. Just as in combat, it’s about protecting those beside us, always thinking of others above ourselves.

Mission over Commission
We go the extra mile. Our work is not motivated by profit. We ensure the job is done right, and we never compromise quality for financial gain.

Attention to Detail
We focus on the smallest detail. This not only distinguishes us in the community, but also instills confidence in our customers, knowing we’re always proactive in addressing any potential issues.

Team Players
We operate as a family. We always look out for others and offer assistance where needed, even when it’s not in the job description.

Be Your Best
We strive for personal excellence. Constantly growing and aiming for consistency. Only by functioning as a cohesive unit, firing on all cylinders, can we truly be the best.

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