Driven to craft superior exteriors and a brighter community, our passion goes beyond construction.

Team trucks at Roswell office for Clark Brothers Roofing & Construction

Building strong buildings and a brighter community

We remain focused on a better tomorrow

To be a part of the Clark Brothers team means a commitment to serve the greater Atlanta community through bettering building exteriors, but also through creating opportunities for others. We invest in local schools and businesses by giving back financially and by helping the next generation find inspiration in hard work and serving others.

At Clark Brothers Roofing and Construction, we add value to property by installing and repairing roofs, siding, gutters, and with paint. It’s our extensive training, attention to detail, carefully selected products and materials, and all-around commitment to honorable service that sets us apart from other local contractors. But furthermore, it’s our commitment to a brighter tomorrow that sets us apart from most other businesses everywhere.

Refer & Earn Program
Clark Brothers Roofing Team

Empowering the next generation of tradesmen

A focus on schools and education

We enrich the community by supporting local schools and fostering educational growth. Two core ways we do this is through complimentary inspection incentives and with our refer & earn program.

When a local school utilizes a no-cost inspection, that school instantly earns money. But when the estimate turns into a job, the school then earns up to $250, or even sometimes $500 in bonuses.

But we are also working on developing an internship as well as a scholarship for those who are looking to further their construction education. The internship opportunity will be offered to local high schoolers so that they can learn about the trade and industry, get realworld working experience, and also build their college or trade school resumes. The scholarship will fund $1,000 toward furthering a high schooler’s construction education at a trade school or college institution.

School's Sponsored


Empowering and equipping veterans entering the private sector

Similar to training programs for students, we also offer training opportunities for veterans. As a family made up of multiple veterans, we understand the need for enabling educational opportunities and career growth for those who have served our country.