Filing An Insurance Claim

December 30, 2021

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Of all the parts of your home, the roof has the most direct exposure to the elements. For southern climates that includes elements that range from a relentless hot sun to hail… from rainfalls to tornadoes or hurricanes that can topple trees onto your roof. 

If you plan to file an insurance claim to cover the work to be done on your roof or home exterior, consider as a general rule of thumb, homeowners policies:

  • Will cover damage from an act of nature or from a sudden accident. If either of these are the case, be sure to notify your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Will not fully cover replacement if the roof has surpassed its intended life span (typically 20 years). In these situations homeowners may only be insured for an estimated cash value (and not current replacement cost).
  • Will not cover repairs if the roof has been neglected (so always save records of past repairs).

If you are pursuing insurance coverage, we recommend either working with a Roswell roofing contractor who has been a public adjuster or has a full-time insurance specialist on staff or considering hiring a public adjuster.Either one can let you know the cause and condition of the damage, advise you on what your policy will or will not cover, recommend whether it is worthwhile to go through your insurance (factoring in the deductible), provide you with the type of estimate your insurance company needs, and advise you through the claim process to help you secure the best payout possible for your new roof.

tornado storm

At Clark Brothers Roofing & Construction, our President & CEO — Micah Clark — walked hundreds of roofs as a public adjuster before deciding to start up his own roofing company. He’s trains our specialists on insurance claims. We also have a full-time insurance specialist as part of our home office team. Clark Brothers’ combines unsurpassed workmanship with expertise in insurance matters.


Not getting storm damage checked out right away can mean not being covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies generally don’t cover gradual damage from existing leaks.

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