CertainTeed: Your roof is more than just shingles.

November 21, 2023

Your roof is multiple components all working together, day after day, year after year, to protect your home and everyone living under its roof. Familiarizing yourself with the components will help you make a better informed decision and secure a better return on your investment.

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Quality of Materials

When you are getting a new roof on your home, you want to make sure your roof is built to last. Choosing a roofer that uses only top-quality materials ensures you can trust in the dependability of your roof.

Clark Brothers uses only the highest quality materials on their roofs. By partnering with CertainTeed for roofing materials, we ensure all our installations are guaranteed to last for years to come. Scroll down for more info.

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The top 5 reasons that choosing Clark Brothers for your roofing needs can be made with confidence:

1) Top Quality Service & Installation

Through every step, Clark Brothers provides confidence by ensuring consistent quality in every roof sold for long-term performance.

2) No-Hassle Warranties

When investing in roof replacement, a good indicator of quality of the shingles is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. We stand behind a great, hassle-free warranty for every shingle from manufacturing defects. CertainTeed backs its industry-leading products with a lifetime limited transferable warranty, ensuring ample protection for the customer’s investment. Other warranties that CertainTeed offers are:

  • 15-year StreakFighter® warranty
  • 10-year SureStart™ warranty
  • 15-year 110-mph wind-resistance warranty, with an optional 130-mph wind resistance upgrade

Visit certainteed.com/warranty for more info.

3) The Latest in Roofing Technology

We are continually staying up to date in the latest trends in roofing technology. By partnering with CertainTeed, who continues to be very focused on continually perfecting their products, we strive to provide the best offerings that we believe our customers deserve.

Here are a couple of CertainTeed’s productions that we offer:

  • NailTrak – fast, accurate, visible nail lines.
  • QuadraBond – advanced layering protects against delamination.
  • ClimateFlex – all-weather application.
  • StreakFighter – resists algae growth.
  • Solaris CoolRoof – advanced solar reflectivity.

Learn more about the CertainTeed Roofing Technologies mentioned above.

4) Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… 

Underwriters Laboratory, a third-party group, independently verifies CertainTeed’s fiberglass products to verify they are meeting the quality standards of ASTM D3462 and that all products can withstand 150mph winds.

5) The Beauty Is In The Details.

If you want the best roof possible, then CertainTeed shingles are undoubtedly the best investment that you can make. Plus, CertainTeed offers a wide variety of colors and design styles to match any home. 

CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles are also specially formulated to prevent algae growth, helping to keep the roof clean from stains caused by algae. And, these shingles are built to resist fading, so colors remain vibrant for years to come. 

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