Cedar Shake Roofing

November 21, 2023

Cedar Shake Roofs: The Utmost Quality

Natural cedar shake roofing is a lovely house roofing option and has several advantages, possibly the most prominent of which is that it’s virtually indestructible. The beauty of cedar shake shingles adds a handcrafted feel to your home, which is particularly appealing in today’s market.

There are three primary factors that affect the quality of a cedar shake roof: how well it is installed, the thickness/quality of the shake shingles, and the slope of the roof. Here at Clark Brothers Roofing & Construction, we only use the highest quality materials for our cedar shake roofs Roswell. Plus, we take extra care to ensure that each roof is installed using the best methods possible.

When you install cedar shake roofs correctly and maintain them properly, they last around 30 years. Natural cedar shakes roofing is resistant to rot, insect attack, and decay because it is made of natural components that are anti-erotic, insecticidal, and biodegradable. It also contains tannic acid, a natural preservative. We exclusively utilize the top-quality cedar shake roofing shingles in our Roswell area cedar shake roof projects. Our cedar shake roof product programs source shingles from a few local vendors to offer our customers the best timber available in Roswell and the surrounding communities. We offer treated and untreated cedar shakes and shingles in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Advantages of Cedar Shake Roofing

  • Natural, classic style
  • Expect a 30-year lifespan
  • It is resistant to rotting, insect attack, and decay.
  • Produced locally
  • Eco-Friendly

Cedar shake roofs are recognized for their durability, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. For your free estimate on cedar shake roofing in the region, give us a call or send us an email. We are the finest Cedar Shake Roswell Roofers in Georgia!

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